Step by Step.

  1. Following completion of the sleepiness test or if you have concerns over your sleep, you can hire for one night a portable diagnostic device equipped with snoring and body sensors (SBP) that enables accurate assessment of sleep disordered breathing (SDB).
  2. The device will be sent to you on a next day courier service, fully calibrated for you to use immediately the night that you receive it or the following night. It is easy to operate by following four simple steps, applying the SBP, fitting the wrist-worn device, attaching the finger probe and turning it on.
  3. The next morning insert all parts back into the carrying case (the device will turn off automatically) and place carrying case into padded envelope provided, notify hello@apnoeacheck that the device is ready for collection and we will advise by return collection time.
  4. Once the device is back with us the data is downloaded and analysed by a qualified physician you receive feedback within one week.