Our Team


Dr Swapna Mandal - Respiratory Specialist

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I am incredibly passionate about helping people with respiratory sleep disorders feel better as I really understand the importance of a good night's sleep.

I qualified in medicine at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ medical school in London.  having completed my medical rotation and postgraduate training I specialised in respiratory physiology and sleep and ventilation medicine. I obtained a PhD from King’s College London in the investigation and management of ventilatory failure and continue my work in sleep and ventilation within the NHS, publishing journals and papers which I also present in person internationally.

I hope that I have changed the lives of many sleep sufferers by helping them understand the health benefits of getting a better nights sleep by identifying and treating their issues, allowing them to get quality sleep resulting in a more enjoyable life.


Dr Neil stanley - Sleep Specialist


I am a passionate and knowledgeable sleep expert and have been interested in sleep and the effects it has on the health of individuals for more than 36 years.

Over this time I have been actively involved in sleep research, and, set up and implemented clinical sleep trials and services at Surrey University, the London Clinic and ScanSleep Copenhagen. Throughout the years, research has shown the importance of a good night's sleep and how it can improve both your physical and mental health. So in addition to presenting to healthcare professionals internationally I have more recently published a book "How To Sleep  Well" to reach out to the wider public.




Dr Samantha Jackson - Sleep Enthusiast


Over the years I have met many sleep sufferers and being able to help people understand how they are able to sleep better is incredibly rewarding as it can be life changing.

Having completed a doctorate in Biology at Manchester University I was welcomed into the commercial world of Lifestyle and Furnishings 22 years ago. I am a knowledgeable, honest and caring business woman and mother of two young children.

Relationships through all walks of life are very important to me and I have personally understood how challenging sleep deprivation can be on daily life for all concerned. Identification of the underlying issue is key as treatment is available and makes a real difference.



Charlie Oulton B.Sc - Sleep Enthusiast


Having been a sleep sufferer for many years I really understand first hand how you can change your life by sleeping better.  My journey
made me realise what a difference could be made to many other sleep sufferers. Why wouldn't I try and help as many as possible sleep better - live better?

Having been successful in the family business for over 25 years I decided to leave and do just that and am very happy to talk to anyone personally should you be unsure whether to take the test.